Toy Bins App

The easy way to organize & showcase collections of any type directly on your iPhone/iPad. Create your own catalog of collectibles with the details you need for each item.

Build your own database of toys, digital assets, or any collectible items and customize it with the details you need.

Simple and powerful. Data syncs automatically using the same iCloud account across you Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, new Macs).

For each item you could enter:
– Name
– Model/code
– Condition
– Rating
– Cost/Value
– Notes
– Quantity
– Flag (color flag for reference)
– Up to 2 pictures from camera or photo album

Other features:
– Wish List (for all items with quantity 0)
– Quick search function. Search name, notes, and flag colors
– Export/share notes, wish list, lists, individual pictures
– Auto data sync via iCloud
List and Gallery view layouts gives you flexibility.

No connection to 3rd parties, all the data is the data you enter.

This app is FREE for the first 25 items you enter. After you have tried it, if you want more entries, you can buy them with In App purchase. 

If you want unlimited entries, please select the “Unrestricted” option. Is a one time In-App purchase.
No subscription required.

Toy Bins could be used for any type of collection you have, such as: Action Figures, Anime collection, Art collection, Cars/Trucks and R/Cs, Construction toys, Dolls, Fingerboards, Games, Trading Cards, Miniatures, Airplanes, Plush, Stuffed Animals, Vinyl toys, Trains, NFTs, CNFTs, and basically anything you collect.

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See demo videos here:

Example of adding a Vinyl toy:

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