Task Notebook 2

The best way to keep track of your tasks and actually get them done.

A high quality notebook for your tasks and notes every day of the week. 

This notebook actually helps you complete your tasks if you follow a simple system described at the end of the book (see “How to use” page below). 

There are 16 weekly task planning pages and the rest are pages you can use for notes within a week. The notebook is 6×9 in (15×23 cm) with 84 pages total.

Each notebook should last you about 4 months.

Each week, you have one Task Planning page followed by 4-5 pages for notes

Increase your productivity and time management while keeping your weekly notes in one place!

Available for a 5-day work week and graph paper for notes.
Purchase here: https://www.blurb.com/b/10776407-tasknotebook-2

Also, available for a 7-day week (lined) here:

Want to try the system? Download a Task Planning page sample for free!